Squid Doll Shooter Game

Squid Doll Shooter Game is an arcade game where you have to break the blocks with the help of a yellow doll robot. Each block in each level has a number that indicates how many times the block must be hit by the doll robot to break. This game has 30 fun and interesting levels.… Continue reading Squid Doll Shooter Game

Doodle Aircraft

Doodle Aircraft is an exciting checked-paper-graphics game. Experience the world of planes, off-beat and challenging, become an ace and show your skills in the sky. Your mission is clear, hit all enemies before they can destroy you, You must be very fast in this game.

Mr Santa

Welcome to Mr. Santa. In this game, you play as a Santa and kill all the thieves you saw. Point to the arrow and click to shoot. Each level has different difficulties. Enjoy playing this new game and have fun!

Snowmen VS Penguin

Snowmen vs Penguin an action-based defense game. The out cute little penguin is in deep trouble and has to defend the eggs from the dangerous snowmen. Help him to move fast and throw the snow balls and avoid them reaching the egg. If they reach the egg, you lose the game.

K-Sniper Challenge 3D

Play the most famous traditional Korean Games as challenging sniper! Shoot down all failed players! Play as 456 on bonus levels! Join the challenge, become the ultimate survivor! Bring childhood games back to you! Unlock unique skins; play as Front Man! Take challenges and BE CAREFUL!

Sniper Squid Game

Squid Sniper Game it’s a new Shoot game, it’s a challenging game that makes you have fun. in this new Squid shoot Game, you can become the winner and the best player ever-deepening on how much you wanna win. in this new Squid game, you can become the winner and the best player ever-deepening on… Continue reading Sniper Squid Game

456 Sniper Challenge

Aim, shoot, and repeat. Take down all failed players as ordered in 456 Sniper Challenge! Instead of being one of the 456 players in the survival game, now you switch role and become the executer. Absolute concentration, quick reflex, and sharp shooting skills are needed to accomplish your mission.

Desert Hawk

Enjoy Desert Hawk game. How To Play? Use "A" or "D" or Arrow Keys to move Left and Right.

Tank Destroyer

There are targets you have to destroy . Each time you destroy a target, you will get a random skill that gonna help you to destroy things more faster. Have fun!